June 16, 2022




Bonsai is the art of raising miniature trees through careful and strategic pruning and training. The word bonsai can be roughly translated from Japanese as “planted in a container.” Contrary to the belief of some, bonsai plants are not dwarf plants that are created through selective breeding. Rather, they are regular plants with the capability of growing to full size. They are intentionally kept miniature through a variety of techniques, including root constriction and pruning of their branches.





Technically, any plant can be grown and cultivated as a bonsai. Some of the characteristics that make a plant well-suited for cultivation as bonsai are leaves and needles that are smaller in size. Among the most popular bonsai plant species are Black Spruce, Buddha Trees, Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Red Pine, Olive Trees and Dawn Redwood.





One essential tip to keep in mind is to select a bonsai plant species that is well-matched to the climate where you live. Choosing a plant species that is indigenous to your area will guarantee the best results, but most plants will thrive if you follow their basic care instructions. This will mostly involve sunlight and temperature control. Bonsai plants also need soil that is not too heavy, so that the roots in their small container will have enough access to air. Regular garden soil will typically be too compacted and heavy for bonsai plant roots.




If you’re ready to break into bonsai cultivation, there are a few options. Some choose to take the economical route and start with a cutting taken from a tree. Some even raise their bonsai plants from seed. These methods require a fair amount of patience, as a young tree typically cannot be styled for 3-5 years. The speedier and more popular alternative is to purchase a pre-started bonsai plant. At Novabackyard, we have two varieties of professionally-trained bonsai plants available: Bonsai Olive Trees and Bonsai Grapevines (available seasonally): Bonsai Plants For Sale


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