We have a large selection of familiar grapevine varietals as well as more uncommon varietals. We are proud to offer this diverse assortment to our customers and are committed to providing the highest quality plants.


Take a look at our availability list below then email us at to place an order.

If you need help making a selection, please see our Reference Material below.

To search the vine availability, you can specify a type of vine—see abbreviations below—a variety, a particular clone or a rootstock. Do not use commas to separate your search items (For example: Aglianico 1103P). If you have no results, try widening your search (For example: Aglianico; or 1103P).

GP = Green Potted Bench Graft 
DF = Dormant Field Finished Bench Graft 
GT = Green Potted Tall Vine 36”
DR = Dormant Field Finished Rooting
GM = Green Potted Medium Vine 24”
GR = Green Potted Rooting                      


Below you will find information on varieties, rootstocks, grape training systems, pruning, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions