Since the beginning, Novabackyard has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality plants to our customers.

Our initial vision was to make available to the backyard grower a wide variety of grapevines that were previously only available to commercial growers. Over the past 9 years, our business has evolved to include not only grapevines but olive trees as well. We have a large selection of cultivars in several sizes for your orchard, big or small. We also have a selection of olive trees and olive bonsai in decorative pots as a perfect gift for a plant lover.

We take pride in growing the best and healthiest plants at our nursery. Tending to the young plants with VIP (very important plant) care until they are ready to be planted by you is our labor of love.

The constant driving force within our company has been, and always will be, the reputation and relationships we form with our customers. Every member of our team is wholeheartedly committed to this ethos.

From Our Backyard to Yours,
The Novabackyard Team