Water well immediately upon arrival!

The following general guidelines will give you a point of reference for the care of your new olive tree, but remember that different temperatures and locations will greatly affect water requirements, etc!


Full sun. A growing olive tree needs as much sunlight as possible year-round. A sunny, south-facing window is ideal.


Allow the top inch of soil in the pot to dry out in between waterings. Olive trees, since they are native to the Mediterranean, are particularly suited to drier air (like the kind found in most homes), so they don’t need to be misted. Don't allow the soil to get soggy, which can quickly kill an olive tree. Reduce water in winter, when the plant is resting.


Prune back the olive tree in the spring when new growth begins. Clipping the longer branches encourages new growth.

Repot in Spring

Move the young olive plant to a pot that is just 1 size larger every couple of years or when it outgrows its pot. Always use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent soggy soil and root rot.